Thursday, 25 September 2008

More Thiam - Ayo ayo nene

Andrew Symington

A very nice compilation I recently heard called Spiritual Jazz. The english label Jazzman re-discovered hidden, obscure and esoteric jazz musicians who are mostly ignored or unknown by music fans and critics alike.

Here's my favorite track of the LP, a minimal jazz tune that tastes africa by the senegalese djembe player Mor Thiam.

Mor Thiam - Ayo ayo nene

Most of the songs on this LP are really great so don't sleep on it!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Been waiting for B,S & L?

Greetings all,

Glad to be back here after 3 months of hard work for my festival.
I 've had a very nice summer.... very busy too: REM, Leonrad Cohen, Massive Attack, Damon Albarn and his Honest Jons crew and more than 40 bands and companies came around. So I didn't find the time to watch what did go around me.

After a quick look on real life, I guess I can try to summerize it quickly:

Firstly, some very bad news:
In the beginning of the summer, disappeared the very talented pianist Esbjorn Svensson. I've post something about him few month before he died on this blog. I feel very sad because i host him a couple of time and as far as I remember he was such an unaffeceted guy (which is getting rare in jazz music!). In my opinion he brought back the so called "jazz trio" in vogue.

An other colosus of music recently passed away.... bold skull, golden chains, leopard skin coat and voice of a baritone.... We'll miss the Black Moses Isaac Hayes.
RIP to these 2 great artists.

What else?
On the sport and entertainement scene, we sold the young prodigy Hatem Ben Harfa to a team I really hate : Marseille.

Did any of you watch the france during the Euro 2008 in Switzerland? Hope not!

For the very first time, in the same ring @ the same time at Summerslam 08'.
Batista vs Cena!

I have not had time to read any book so I'm still on my "train ride" neither to go to cinema, I've been told the new Batman was any good.

well these few words to say that I was still alive and back on this blog for more mixes, Hip Hop 12', music and comments so stay tuned!

And as I'm in holidays right now let's listen a very nice funky track from the beginning of the 80's from Karin Jones taken from her LP under the influence of love.

Karin Jones - Here I go again