Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hip Hop culture #1

Breakin' is the first movie involving breakdancing as the main theme of the story. It's also known under the name Breakdance in England and Break Street 84 in France....
Back in 84, this movie directed by Joel Silby features performances from the 2 main actors/dancers Turbo & Ozone.
Breakin' actually involves more bodypoping, locking and smurf than breakdance (as we could see in Wild Style).
The story is about a young jazz dancer who meet up with 2 street dancers (Turbo & Ozone) and together they become the sensation of street crowd. Also features Ice T in his debut film as a club MC and Jean Claude VanDamme!!!!!
As you can see on the picture, clothes seem to come from an other galaxy: they're dancing in small pandex one piece, parachute pants, rolled and tight jeans, hypercolored T shirts which I found totaly crazy!
OK the plot is a bit contrived but who cares? OST and dancing are great and that's all matters.
You can check the website made by fans:

I leave you with this great tune from Rufus and Chakaa Kahn from the soundtrack

Monday, 26 March 2007

Ich bin ein berliner!

Where does electronic music come from?
Some of you heard Chicago others Detroit and others Germany, we can't denie that Kraftwerk was one of the first band only using machines and repetitive sequences to make this electro groove that we know. So germans were definitly the first ones to bring techno in Europe.
Let's make a jump of 30 years to present you this 12' released in 2004 by the berliner duo Modeselektor on B.Pitch control, this wax features 4 tracks including that very one "Turn deaf". In my opinion it's a perfect combination between straight techno and breakbeats.
This band released their Full Lenght "Hello Mum" in 2005, I would say that their influences are breakbeat, electro and ragga, which explains that as djs or live they're "gangbanging" dancefloors at every single show.
U can't miss it:

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Whut up homies!

What's the point with puting an other blogspot on the web?
It's my first try in any kind of e-expression. Not really into that shit usually. I prefer to share opinion with a smooth beer or a good spliff around a table. That's almost what I've been doing these past few years with my cats around the world.
Anyway I'm gonna try to show you how's my own culture is made of.
Hope you'll enjoy, Art & Opinion that's how it has to be!