Friday, 30 January 2009

Eric Legnini trio - Trippin'

I've just heard this tune this morning...
The third opus of Eric Legnini's adventures in trio came out. the track trippin' (allusion of the Meters one?) got this amazing groove.
The rythmic section is pretty strong and the pianist trade his usual piano for an incredibly funky Fender.

Eric Legnini Trio - Trippin'

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Antirust is now available, if you like old school grafitti and underground artwork you definetly have to check it out.
If you wanna see more, send an email to to get a copy.

Daddy Lord C- Pas l'temps de jouer

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

P.Brothers Feat Boss Money

DJ Ivory and Paul S, better known as Nottingham's famous producers P.Brothers released their first full-length last year. And as usual they've got a nice collection of great beats and rhymes from Roc Marciano, Milano and Money Boss Players
The album is called the gas and got a good review on Dusted, here. It's also in DJ Premier 10 best Hip Hop albums of 2008

Here 's a 12' released in 2006 with a track featuring Money Boss Players -or Boss Money Gangsters whatever they call themselves now-on their label Heavy Bronx

P.Brothers feat Boss Money - Boss Money Gangsters

Monday, 12 January 2009

Os Gemeos 's throw ups

Happy New Year everybody!!

I'm back home and it's fuck##g freezing over there... so firstavle, I wish you a sunny and warmy year!
I'm gonna follow on with brazilian-related topics...

Os gemeos means "the twins" in english. Before signing works for the Tate Modern of London these brothers were ones of the most active grafitti burners in Sao Paulo . Here are few flicks I took walking around in Sampa.

As I'm back home, I can illustrate posts with music, today the brazilian electro band Sao Paulo Underground with the track pombaral mixing breakbeat, electro and free jazz: