Monday, 30 April 2007

Post Chaotik-Mix

I've done this mix few month ago, I use to mix "straight boom bap east coast" rap, I wanted to do something else different and show to all what is my vision of the dark side of the Hip Hop force.
Post-Kaotik tags made with my man Avide......

Here's the tracklist:

1-Mr Len feat Juggaknots “ This Morning”

2-Naptron “Style of madness”

3-Disflex 6 “sidewalk stomp”

4-MF Doom feat M.Sayyid “ Never Dead”

5-Antipop Consortium “ Rinseflow”

6-Sensational “Beats, rhymes & style”

7-Lightheaded “ Illuminate”

8-Quasimoto” Greenery”

9-Third Sight “hypothermia”

10- Company Flow “Population Control”

grab that shit right here:

I'm out peazzzzzzzzzz!

Friday, 27 April 2007

The creator has a masterplan

When you know that he was John Coltrane's latter day playing partner, you understand how a musician like Pharoah Sanders reaches such an intensive trance music at least at the very beginning of his career as soloist.
After 2 albums as tenor sax soloist, Sanders was signed by Impulse in the early 70's. This label which is in my opinion the geatest one in jazz ever (I'll make a post about it later on) really gave him a chance to express and show to the world that his music isn't stuck but perpetually in a kind of mystic research. He released 5 albums with this label before falling in an unexpected role of "disco hero"in the 80's.
As he said recently in a french jazz magazine "he loves every religion who speaks about a creator". Along his career he knew to surrond himself with great apostles like Roy Haynes, Billy Hart or Idris Muhammad on drums, Ron Carter, Cecil McBee or Stanley Clarke on doublebass, Leon Thomas as a singer, Woody Shaw on trumpet or Lonnie Liston Smith on piano.
With an incredible song like Hum Allah, I give you the opportunity to get closer to the Almighty:

Enjoy, 15min of meditation.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Did any of you ever talk about 2nd world war with your grandma'?
We got to avoid what happened in 2002.....

Punishyourself with a kind of resentful song:

Sunday, 15 April 2007

5 Guitars & lots of hapiness

Crazy show last night from these bluesmen from Mauritania, they brought their weird amplifiers on stage that make their sound so meditative.
We have to know that touareg are that kind of people living in a permanent exile with no borders in their life nor in their mind....
I'm just wondering if Tinariwen really wear their typical clothes back in their hood, or if it's just "folklore" to make it more real!
Who said Sting was the only guitar hero on the dunes?
Dig this:

If you enjoyed you got to know an other band from these same places Toumast, with their last full lenght, Ishumar (Kraked 2006)

I'm out, peace