Thursday, 22 November 2007

Underrated french mc's

Today, let me introduced two video clips of the french underground hip hop scene:

features Lastik and Vinze with their track "le dilemme":

The controverted Mysa with his last "life style" single "80-07":

These 3 mc's deserve a better recognition, anyway, underground stays what it is.
Back soon...

Monday, 12 November 2007

§§ DIY §§

Don't know that much about these two lolitas who formed the electro-pop (punk?) duo called Robots in Disguise.

The last self titled album has got a great track called DIY.

It stands for "Do it Yourself " which in my opinion is a good way of thinking in that kind of consumering society.

The art work has been made by Weirdo a crazy artist from my home town.

Back with you soon...

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Strata East Records

If you like spiritual and minimal jazz, you probably heard about Strata East. This label founded in 1971 by Charles Tolliver has had a big influence on post bop and free jazz. Afrojazz with artists like Juju, Mtume Umoja Ensemble or Brother Ah was also well represented.

Artists signed on Strata were obviously impregened with the work of Pharoah Sanders and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians -AACM- (Art Ensemble of Chicago, Richard Muhal Abrams).

My favorites albums remain as the ones that have kept a hard rythmic groove which allows soloists to go free jazz. I've selected First Impression by Shamek Farrah (alto sax) with an amazing bass line by Milton Suggs sustained by the precises percussions of Kenny Harper and Bo Satterwhite and the piano of Sonelius Smith.

In the same style, I couldn't let you go without the famous double bassist Cecil McBee leading his rytmic section composed by Jimmy Hopps on drums and few percussionists on Mutima.

last but not least, Charles Rouse (tenor sax) from his first album as a leader on two is one. The title of the album is a phrase that Monk often used meaning two people so in time with one other that they become one, maybe as the two guitars composing his rytmic.....relax your mind fellaz! I've choose for you the first track of the album called Bitchin'.

I leave you with Winter in America by Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. The album got the same name and stands as the label most well known recording.

All these tracks were recorded in 74, hope you've enjoyed....Peace