Monday, 14 November 2011

Sento, TFP

Freight train king right here. From the mid -1980 to the early 1990s, SENTO from the TFP Crew was one of the most prolific freight writers in NYC.

Enjoy style fellaz.

These pics all appear in Freight train graffiti book/ Thames and Hudson editions.

To illustrate this post in music I share with you one of the best undergournd hip hop track of 2010. It unfortunately doesn't exist on wax.
Blacastan feat Colombeyong- Crate diggaz.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

DJ Waks - freestyle mix #1

Fat Beats Store NYC, RIP

Hey folks,
I hope you've all had a good summer, mine was... how could I say? Quite strange...
Anyway, BSL blog is back for your ears, with a brand new mix from my man DJ Waks from the QP Crew.
Do not miss it because it's exclusive, done in one shot as we're used to do it on the BSL site and of course with loads of love.

Eric Lau - Give light give love
Jake one ft Black Milk & Nottz - I'm comming
NYG'z- Welcome 2 G-dom
Celph Titled ft F.T & R.A The Rugged Man - Mad ammo
Large Pro & Nutso - Beats by the pound
Method Man - Half man half amazin
GZA - Breaker breaker
Son Doobie - I confess
Dilated People - Rock on the angels (rmx)
Big Noyd - Usual suspect (rmx Strech Armstrong)
E rule - Listen Up
Declaime - Always something
Dj Goodka & Moar - Mission secrète
Cortex - L'enfant samba
Rakim - Let the rythm hit em'
Lakim Shabaaz - Need some lovin'
Trouble Funk - Say what
Davis / Pinckney project - You can dance
Spoonie G - Spoonie is back
Afinity - Don't go away (instrumental)
Original concept - Knowledge me
Dee Nasty ft Dynamax - No sell out

DJ Waks - Freestyle mix, august 11'

Saturday, 9 July 2011

PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke - This mess we're in

Song of my impossible love?


PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke - This mess we're in

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Archie Bell & the drells - Tighten up

Hi everybody! I'm Archie Bell and the Drells from Houston, Texas...
Here's the killer track tighten up. It has been released on Atlantic in 68, perfect beat for bboy breakers.

Archie Bell and the drells - Tighten up

Do the tighten - Everybody can do it now....

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Baris.K - Honki Ponki

Pics from Istambul and an other piece of my diggin times, a nice synth-funk from the 80's released by Baris.K on the EP Disco Hammam.

Baris.K - Honki Ponki

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

One Leg mix

painting by Joe Coleman

As I broke my knee playing football, I did this selection/mix on one leg with my two turntables.
These tracks have mostly been released these 4 last years to prove that underground hip hop is still rocking! Strong emcees on dope beats.
Only vynils fellaz!

Ash.K - One leg mix

1- Fashawn - Freedom (prod Exile)
2- Ace & Edo - Little Young (prod M.Phazes)
3- Marco Polo & Torae - Radio (prod Exile remixed by Marco Polo)
4- Masta Ace and Bald Head Slick - Conflict (prod Paul Nice)
5- Evidence & Kobe - All said & done (prod Sid Roams)
6- Finale - The return (prod Kyo Itachi)
7- Roc Marciano feat Sean Price - Snow remix (prod Roc.M)
8- Jake One & Freeway - Never gonna change (prod Jake One)
9- Celph Titled feat Dutchmassive & Majik Most- Time travels on (prod Buckwild, scratches Mista Sinista)
10- The Left feat Kool G Rap - Frozen (prod Apollo Brown)
11- Brothaz Bent - Up from the desert (prod Don Chalant)

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood + Remix

Did you ever heard about the "Dark Was the Night" compilation, released in 2009, the sales of this LP aims to benefit to the Red Hot Organization specialized on AIDS and HIV.

This masterpiece produced by Aaron and Bryce Dressner from the National is definiltely a must have for all the indie folk-rock fans. It features the National, Feist, My Brightest Diamond, Antony and the Johnsons, and many more.

My favorite track of the compilation is performed by Sufjan Stevens, a genious singer, songwriter and musician from Detroit. I also give you the remix from the canadian emcee/producer Buck 65. Wax from my Girlfriend! Enjoy this, do not download the compil', buy it please, this is for a very good cause.

Sufjan Stevens - You Are the Blood

Sufjan Stevens feat Buck 65 & Serengeti - Blood pt 2

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dave Kinsey

You all probably already know the design studio/company BLK/MKT because of the huge success of Shepard Fairley-Obey during Obama's presidential campaign.
Dave Kinsey is the other founding member of BLK/MKT. He started his work in the street drawing, painting, sticking some portrayals of urban characters.

You'll see below what he used to do years ago, great transcription of the urban contemporary life... Check out what he's doing now on his website, a little bit different...

Dave Kinsey also worked on designing a mini-serie of 4 twelve inches released on Om record, label founded by the rap band People Under The Stairs.
I would say that they're worth to buy for the covers, my favorite track is an instrumental one by Mission and Michael Morgan.

Michael Morgan & Mission - Feelin' allright

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Stores in Beyoglu, Istanbul

Flicks from my last trip in Beyoglu a part of the modern Istanbul by writer The and friends...

I don't know if Beyaz Kelebekler is the name of the singer or the band, this tracks appears on the compilation Turkish Freakout which was released on the label Bouzouki Joe.

Beyaz Kelebekler - Esmerim

Friday, 11 March 2011

Turkish delights

Gabin, on the road again, enjoying local pastries....

It's pretty hard to find vynils from 70-80's in Istanbul because of the hype behind this.
I found few ones I wanted to share with you guys. Here's a piece of my digging time in Istanbul, the famous rock singer Baris Manco with his LP 2023 released in 1975.
This is the combo between anatolian psyche-rock, funky breaks and turkish pop. This opus stands as a concept-album that includes many instrumental songs.
The groovy blend vur ha vur for you ladies and gents!

Baris Manco - Vur ha, vur...!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Boston beatdown

This selection of underground emcees from Boston, Massachusetts is dedicated to the Celtic's shooting guard Ray Allen, who surpasses Regie Miller 3pts FG made in a NBA career.

Word up to the Quartz Prod Team which is producing a big show in my home town - Edo.G, Akrobatik & Mr Lif - Marquise - Lyon March 15th. Yeah! Support Underground Hip Hop.

Here's the track list, as usual, made in one shot with two MK2 and a mixer.
70 minutes of my wax collec' from Boston!
Ash.K -Boston Beatdown

1-Edo.G - Boston
2-Edo.G and Da Bulldogs - I'm Different
3-Edo.G - Sayin' something
4-Edo.G - Dedicated
5-Insight - Words of encouragement
6-Termanology - Watch how it go down
7-Tony Famous - Street revelation
8-Mr Lif - Return of the B.Boy
9-Mr Lif feat El.P- I phantom
10-Mr Lif feat Illin.P - Cro Magnon
11-Perceptionists (Akrobatik & Mr.Lif) - Avengers
12-7L & Esoteric - Do me a favor
13-M.Slash - Feel it!
14-Skitzofreniks - Slow it down
15-Mr Lif - Elektro
16-Virtuoso - Omnipotence
17-Akrobatik feat Chuck.D - Kindred
18-T.Max - Mind over matter
19-Gangstarr & Krumbasnatcha -Make 'em pay
20-Edan - Emcees smoke crack

March 15, 9:00pm, Marquise, Lyon. Quartz prod presents Boston Beatdown Live. Do not miss it!
I'm out peaz....

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Best Hip Hop shows of 2010

You wanna bet folks?

Good shows that could have won:
Das Efx, DJ Krush, Casey, Soulilaquists of Sound, Black Milk, Radix, Fisto, K the I??!!, Shadow Huntaz, Talib Kweli, DJ P.

Shows that where allright or wack:
Féfé, Razhel & JS One, State of Mind, Raph & 12me, Raashan Ahmad, DJ Fly, Mos Def, De La Soul, Raggasonic, Virus Syndicate, Beatnuts, Ben Sharpa.

And the winner is:
1- KRS One & Supernatural @ Ninkasi -Lyon, France

copyright Clémence Richier

2- La Rumeur - Original Festival @ Lyon, France
3- Wyclef Jean - Fesman @ Dakar, Senegal

Best non-hip hop show:
Black Lips & King Khan @ Nuits Sonores Festival, Lyon France

First time I saw the Teacha live and that's what we call a damn good hip hop show. The DJ did the job, the overpacked crowd was hot as if they only had smoked weed instead of ash. The Blastmaster and the super gifted freestyler Supernatural seemed to spend a good time on stage ... Can you expect better? That's the undercontested best hip hop gig of 2010!

Here a mix I've done this morning before writing this shit. This is the Hip Hop all of famer KRS, feat Das Efx, Channel Live, Scott La Rock, JS One and Rahzel, Last Emperor and Zack de la Rocha. I hope you'll enjoy, that comes from my waxes and has been released as usual with 2 MK2 and a mixer...

Ash.K - KRS One selecta

I can't help digging in my vynils to make you listen to Supernatural because he's just amazing, maybe the best freestyler I've ever seen.
An underground classic from the 90's and one the first US/french Hip Hop collab, check it out:

Supernatural - Buddah blessed it and Undaground Connexion feat Rockin Squat

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ash.K - Heavy artillery mix

More than 100 posts! Yeah
Today ladies and gents a new selection on the one and two, everything is in the title.
Tracklist below... peace.

James Coburn in Duck you sucker

Ash.K - Heavy Artillery

1- Blade, Life & Respek.Ba - Soldiers (prod Mista Quiz)
2- Psycho & Rip One - On deadly ground (prod M.Boogie)
3- Kenneth Master & Maylay Sparks - Just get down (prod Create & Devastate)
4- Lewis Parker - International hitman (prod Lewis Parker)
5- Lightheaded - Illuminate (prod 9th wonder)
6- The Ancients - What you know about (prod Paze)
7- Hieroglyphics - Love flowin' (prod Opio)
8- Cage - Escape to 88' (prod DJ Mighty Mi)
9- Tame One - When rappers attack (prod Camu Tao)

Most of these tracks are B.Sides!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Adios, austrian steelburner!

What up folks? If I got enough time, I d'like february to be on this blog dedicated to graffiti and the best 2010 hip hop releases.
Let's focus today on a huge austrian writer Adios, I've been touring in Austria in 2005 and I remember seen lot of his works on trains around the country. 5 years ago his style was thrilling me.
Enjoy lads!
All these picture have been taken on the book Subersiv .

To illustrate this post, I wanted you to listen the newcomer mc Vado. Based in Harlem and affiliated to the Diplomats, Vado came out with a srong full lengh in 2010 called Slime Flu on E1 records, here's a track from his Lp that you should digg quickly.

Vado - Wake Up

All the Best!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Mali & Salif again...

Few pics from Mali...


Kids in Djenné

Bandiagara falls, up to Burkina Faso

U need an haircut in Sévaré?

Before beeing known as the golden voice of Africa, Salif Keita has been a member of the most popular group in the history of malian music: Super Rail Band also known as the Bamako Rail Band.
This track was written by Mory Kante and appears on the album Rail band realeased in 75. I'm pretty pround for having digging this during my last trip in wetern africa. Check this out!

Rail Band - Mamadou Boutigui