Friday, 18 April 2008

New York State of Mind

Konstantino Hatzisamos

Here's the tracklist of last sunday's mix dedicated to NYC's greatest MCs.

1-Nas ”New York state of mind”

2-Channel Live “ Reprogramm (Buckwild remix)

3-Capone & Noreaga “T.O.N.Y

4-Da Youngsta’s feat Prodigy “ Blooshed and war ”

5-Mobb Deep ”survival of the fittest

6-Black Moon feat Heltah Skeltah “Warzone”

7-Crooklyn dodgers “ return of the”

8-Artifacts ” Wrong side of the tracks”

9-Street Smartz feat OC & Paroah Monch “Metal Thangz”

10- Jeru the Damadja ” D.original

Cope a copy of this insane mix over here.
Ash.K -NY state of mind

Big up to my man Icare who is now hosting my mixes every sunday night!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Blue Note in da place

No need to introduce this great label, maybe the most productive in this last 70 years. I did not listen to the whole catalog but I will recommand the 51 to 67 period which corresponds to the so called "Hard Bop" golden age.

Here are two tracks from what I consider as the 2 best album released on the label:

First one by trumpetist Lee Morgan feat Joe Henderson (ts), Barry Harris (p), Billy Higgins (d), Bob Cranshaw (b).
The Sidewinder was released in 1963.
Second one is the 4th album on Blue Note by M. Herbie Hancock featuring Freddie Hubbard (t), George Coleman (ts), Ron Carter (b) Anthony Williams (d).
That very one was released in 64.

Jazz @ its best on psartek's blogspot!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

EST - Good Morning Susie Soho

One of the most acclaimed jazzman of the modern scene. Esbjorn is a swedish pianist who plays with the same trio for more than ten years now. On that I wanted to share with you, bassist Dan Berglund plays double bass in a Jimmy Hendrix way!

Back in 2001, I remember to host the trio in Edinburgh, right after their sixth opus came out. They played @ Henry's jazz cellar bar, venue was "overpacked", it can contain about 80 people! They 're great guys and they did a terrific show....

Few years after that I saw them in the A vaulx Jazz Festival near Lyon, France. Attendance was about 1000 people.

Last year they played for the Jazz à Vienne festival in front of a very enthousiatic crowd of 8000 people.....

Make your own opinion on this track from one of their first album which got the same title and was released on ACT in 2000.
EST-Good Morning Susie Soho

Back soon for some more jazz stuff!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Undergound mix (2)


Selection of indy 12's on the radio show featuring special appearance from my man Kosh on beatbox, don't miss it!

Ash.K - mix @ RCT 30-03-08 feat Kosh


1-Saukrates –Money or love

2-Darc Mind – Visions of a blur

3-Group Home –Express

4-Non Phixion – 4 w’s

5-Rascalz – Soul obligation

6-Choclair – What it takes (remix)

7-Powerule – Dawn to dusk

8-Rec Center – Mind body and soul

9-DITC –Day one

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