Saturday, 24 May 2008

US indie Hip Hop mix on RCT 18-05-08

Last sunday's mix on or 99.3 FM.

As usual it's underground US HH,
As usual that's a "one shot" mix,
As usual this is only wax shit,
As usual you can download it for free!

Ash.K -mix 18-05 RCT

1-Dynamic Syncopation feat Yesh –The essence

2-Skitzofreniks “Slow it down”

3-Atmosphere “Threemosphere”

4-Mr Complex “Rhapsody”

5-Timbuktu feat Jayson & Promoe “Naked lunch”

6-Souls of Mischiefs “spark”

7-Hieroglyphics “After dark”

8-Fondle ‘Em Fossils “last 12”

9-Black Attack “Correct technique”

10-Dilated People ”Work the angles”

next one shot mix next sunday 23:00-23:30 - Peazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Moussa Doumbia - Keleya

Guediawaye-Dakar-Sénégal 2003

What's up's been a while!
Very busy these last weeks and it's gonna be worst and worst.

Just wanted to talk about a great african saxophonist from Mali called Moussa Doumbia. In some ways he's the inventor of a very particular kind of afro-beat which draws as much in american funk as in traditionnal malian music.

In the 80's Moussa came to live in France where he played a lot @ la boule noire in Paris and worked at the same time as a record dealer....He died in the most absolute anonymity....

Last year the californian label Stones Throw had the great idea to publish a compilation called World Psychedelic 3 - the funky fuzzy sounds of West Africa in which the track keleya by Moussa Doubia appears.

Here's the one.

Picture above taken by myself, it's a place I've been living for 3 month when I worked for the Banlieue Rythme Festival in Guediawaye, Senegal in 2003.

I'll be on the radio show, 99.3 FM next sunday, it's getting rare so don't miss it.