Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Jurassic 5 - What's Golden

I love this rap band from LA, California. Their way of raping reminds me old school bands like Sugar Hill or the Fantastic 5.

Here's my favorite track from their 3rd album called Power in numbers. This 12' is getting rare so don't miss a chance to cope it! Production by DJ Numark.

Jurassic 5 - What's Golden

I remember to see them in the Royal Open Air Festival in Switzerland 3 years ago with my men Fleo, Maklouf, Henry and Realskool (great team!). It stays as the best rap gigg I ever seen.

I couldn't leave you without this Bloc letter to illustrate this post, because "What's Golden" is an anthem for da OR Team! Big up to Avide !

Don't forget the radio show, 99.3 FM next sunday 20:30-21:30


Monday, 28 January 2008

Ladies... I'm back on a radio show

I 'm back on a local radio RCT, you can listen to my mixes every sunday between 20:30 & 21:30 (Paris time) check it out on the internet Here.

If you missed last sunday's show, here's your last chance to grab Ash.K 's Bangers mix.
One Shot- two turntables.... Only wax shit as usual....

Illustration by Damien Venzi


1-Bronze Nazareth “ The Pain”
2-Kayne West feat paul Wall & GLC “Drive slow”
3-DJ Kay Slay feat LL Cool J “The truth”
4-T-Max “Mind over matter”
5-Sean Price feat Rock of Heltah Skeltah “P.Body”
6-Termanology “Watch how it go down”
7-DITC “Thick rmx”
8-Lupe Fiasco “Kick Push”
9-De La Soul “U can do (life)”


Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Grand Mixer DST

Giants Yeah!
Brett Favre
's not gonna play an other Superbowl after the one he won in 96... Too Bad.
He remains as one of the greatest QB in my opinion....38 years old...still there!

Anyway Giants fans had to wait 7 years to see again their favorite team in the Superbowl which is not gonna be easy versus the Patriots. Packers vs Giants was a very nice game and finally Tynes (Giants's kicker) succeded in his last FG attempt. Lots of oppotunities missed for NY, but at last they deserved to win.

Back in NY, 82 with this wax from my private 7' collection, GrandMixer DST and the Infinite rappers with the track Grand Mixer (Cuts it up)

Great electro hip hop tune, might be one of the first that appeared in NYC.
As you've all guessed Back cover by Futura 2000.

I'm out....Peaz!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Hip Hop Culture # 3

DJ Screw

What up?

Third part of the topic about Hip Hop Culture, today let's talk about Screwed & Chopped.

As you might know, I'm more into straight boom bap east coast rap. However I 've decided to focus on the south scene because:

  • Outkast (Atlanta) remains -since their first LP "Southerplayallisticadillacmusik"- as one of my favorite rap band ever.
  • I just read an interview of Houston rap star Slim Thug from Thomas Blondeau.
  • I'm @ the present time about to finish Nik Cohn's novel called Triksta that throw you inside New Orlean's rap scene.
  • In my opinion UGK (Houston) released the best mainstream rap album in 2007, this is called underground kingz -RIP Pimp C-
So US rap can't be bounded to NY or LA. Since the late 80's bands and crews hang about the streets of Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Memphis or Atlanta. And Nowdays rap biggest stars in the US are probably Lil Jon, Mike Jones, Lil Wayne or David Banner.

Back in 96, I remember to buy a mixtape from DJ Screw called "3 in the Mornin' part 2".

In this tape I discovered for the first time the screwed and chopped style. It was slower and slower, slower than any laid back west coast production....

In Screwed and chopped music, hip hop records are literally slowed-down to a molasse like pace, and beats and lyrics ooze lazily out of the speakers. The result is a heavy, drowsy groove that, over the 15 years has exerted a major influence on southern hip hop culture (lots of mimicks of mcs come from S&C)

DJ Screw led an entire crew of MC's around him. That click -The screw up click- includes MCs like ESG, lil Keke and Big Hawk who have since become local legends with carreers only built on slowed down rhymes. Even Lil Flip launched his carreer with a screwed and chopped mixtape and now every mc from the south side got a S&C version of his album.....

Screwed and chopped is even more that a slowed-down laid back beat. It's also a Dj trick, that's basically a cut between two copies of the same record which creates a double time beat and a reverb in the voices that bought an extra jolt of rythm and mixes.

Screwed and Chopped is also a way of life linked to drug addiction in Houston. According to Devin the Dude, everybody was on "Syrup" listening S&C in the mid 90's. This Syrup also called Texas tea is a diabolic mix between alcool and syrup that contains codeine. At this time "Syrup" really hit hard in Houston projects. DJ Screw was found dead in 2000 in his home presumably from a "Syrup" OD.

By the time DJ Screw had passed away, the entire Screwed and Chopped style had begun to infiltrate the rest of the South...

Still no matter how big the sound of Houston gets how far across the globe reaches, Screwed and Chopped will alway be a part of the Hip Hop Culture and of Houston's identity - and that of its namesake, DJ Screw.

2 tracks from 96's DJ Screw mixtape 3 in the Mornin' pt 2:

DJ Screw feat ESG - Sailin' the South
DJ Screw feat Botany Boys - smokin' and leanin

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy New Year Fellaz!

Let's start this new year with a double 10' I really like, one of the best release of the label Ninja Tune so far.

The composer of the 4 tracks of this EP is named Patrick Carpenter (better as PC) and is also the main composer for Cinematic Orchestra and Neptune.

"A dub plate of DJ Food" is a double 10' from the LP Kaleidoscope which came out in 2000, it will show you the dope combination between ambient, hip hop, jazz and breakbeat that characterise DJ Food.

Props to Jujudoka who made me discover this great artist!

Now it's your chance to grab two tracks from this wax:
DJ Food feat Ken Nordine "the ageing young rebel"

DJ Food "Cookin"