Friday, 24 August 2007

Back in Business!

Back after 3 months of hard work in my festival.....
As I'm back with you guys, I need to find a rap banger to celebrate!

Let's go back in 97 with my favorite track of this long awaited LP from one of the best duo in the rap history. EPMD is an acronym for "Eric and Parrish making dollars". After their terrific album called "business never personal" released on Def Jam in 92, in which was introduced the Def Squad Family (Redman, K.Solo, Das Efx, Hurricane G), we had to wait 5 years for a new LP.

It's been worth to wait, probably my favorite album from this band from Brentwood, NYC. They were supposed to tour around Europe and make a stop closed to Lyon, France last spring but we're still waiting for them....Too bad!

Anyway, I'll leave you with "Ritcher scale" from my private Wax collec'. Please note that I'm selling the LP clean copy of "Back in Business", I'm talking about the DJ version on Def Jam, not the pic cover. Don't sleep cos' this is getting rare!

EPMD -Richter scale