Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Books #1

I 've decided that I will talk about books I just read, let's do it right now!

In Tenebris -Maxime Chattam- 10/20
Second section of Chattam's trilogy starring Portland's private detective Yoshua Brolin.
This book is just "horrible". Same ingredients as what he did before : blood, horror and atrocity which remained me serial killers's movies like "Silence of the lambs" or "Seven".
Nevertheless this is a captivating story.....

I'm not a big fan of Chattam 's writing style. His opinions about life and society, he relates in his stories are ine my point of view too obvious, in other words it could be more sublte. I guess Chattam is around 30 years old and he grew up -as I did - reading Stephen Kings sickest novels because similarities between the two authors caught my eyes....

This book definitely has to stay in hands of people who really like morbid stories....

Bone -George C Chesbro - 11/20
The story throw you into the poverished mentally ill atmosphere of new yorkers who are forced to live in the streets. The "milieu" of the homeless in NYC is well described in the 1st half of the book. Bone the main character was found amnesic in a square somewhere in teh big apple. He's gonna struggle and evolve to recover details of lost memory in NY underground.

Time after time the story goes unfortunately to a big hollywood blockbuster plot. The end is really fucked up! Too bad it started well!

I am surprised this hasn't been made into a movie yet.

Pulp - Charles Bukowski - 10/20
Pulp is the last of Bukowski's novels.
The main character is a LA based private investigator named Nick Belane who gets involved with the spirit of Celine (French author) and a sexy alien in this off beat story. Unsuccessful in his investigations this hard drinking private chooses most of the time to spent the rest of the day in bars. In everyone he visits, he's mistaken for somebody else.

According to specialist of the "genre", this book is dedicated to "bad writing": humour is trash, the parody looks weak sometimes and the dialogues are most of the time not that funny....

Pulp 's not gonna stay longer in my memory.

Dopefiend - Donald Goines - 15/20
Schocking nightmare story of black heroin addicts. Trapped in the festreing sore of the american ghetto of the 70's. A young man, girlfriend and friends are inexorably pulled to slow death of the hardcore junkies.

This book shows you the effects of using drugs, in horrifying graphic details, the author explains from how a junkie shoots up to how he feels not to have a fix.

Goines tells about the hopelessness and despair of inner city black at this time and like it's been said many times, Goines writes from the experiences he had.

One of the best storytelling I ever read. Highly recomened!

To illustrate this last book, I leave you with death wish from Herbie Hancock, 1974, soundtrack for a movie starring Charles Brownson that could also have been the soundtrack of Dopefiend.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Underrated french mc's

Today, let me introduced two video clips of the french underground hip hop scene:

features Lastik and Vinze with their track "le dilemme":

The controverted Mysa with his last "life style" single "80-07":

These 3 mc's deserve a better recognition, anyway, underground stays what it is.
Back soon...

Monday, 12 November 2007

§§ DIY §§

Don't know that much about these two lolitas who formed the electro-pop (punk?) duo called Robots in Disguise.

The last self titled album has got a great track called DIY.

It stands for "Do it Yourself " which in my opinion is a good way of thinking in that kind of consumering society.

The art work has been made by Weirdo a crazy artist from my home town.

Back with you soon...

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Strata East Records

If you like spiritual and minimal jazz, you probably heard about Strata East. This label founded in 1971 by Charles Tolliver has had a big influence on post bop and free jazz. Afrojazz with artists like Juju, Mtume Umoja Ensemble or Brother Ah was also well represented.

Artists signed on Strata were obviously impregened with the work of Pharoah Sanders and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians -AACM- (Art Ensemble of Chicago, Richard Muhal Abrams).

My favorites albums remain as the ones that have kept a hard rythmic groove which allows soloists to go free jazz. I've selected First Impression by Shamek Farrah (alto sax) with an amazing bass line by Milton Suggs sustained by the precises percussions of Kenny Harper and Bo Satterwhite and the piano of Sonelius Smith.

In the same style, I couldn't let you go without the famous double bassist Cecil McBee leading his rytmic section composed by Jimmy Hopps on drums and few percussionists on Mutima.

last but not least, Charles Rouse (tenor sax) from his first album as a leader on two is one. The title of the album is a phrase that Monk often used meaning two people so in time with one other that they become one, maybe as the two guitars composing his rytmic.....relax your mind fellaz! I've choose for you the first track of the album called Bitchin'.

I leave you with Winter in America by Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson. The album got the same name and stands as the label most well known recording.

All these tracks were recorded in 74, hope you've enjoyed....Peace

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Aphex Twin "Rubber Johnny"

Chris Cunningham is well known as a music video film director.

He worked with Bjork, Madonna, Portishead, and many more. His most popular video clip is perhaps the one he made for Aphex Twin called "Come to Daddy". He also directed "Windowlicker" for the artist signed on Warp. Both singles caused controversy on their release due to disturbing images and themes.

So let me know what do you think about his last video for Aphex : Rubber Johnny:

Saturday, 27 October 2007

DJ Muggs, Buddha mix!

Along his career Muggs produced the Soul Assasins compilations, the first LP of House of ain, lots of tracks for Funkdoobiest and many more. He is also the architect of this very characteristic sound on which Sen Dog and B-Real love to rap.

When Cypress Hill released their 3rd album "III temple of boom" in 95, the LP came out with a special mix from DJ Muggs called Buddha mix. It contains elements of Hole in the head, how I could just kill a a man, Insane in a brain, stone is the way of the walk, Hits from the bong, hands on the pump, real estate and I wanna get high.
Grab it right now!

DJ Muggs - Buddha mix

I'm out for a sliff... Peace!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Free Spirits

First thing I have to say today :
Al Gore... What the fuck is this wanker doing with the Nobel?

Like Chuck D used to say : DON't BELIEVE THE HYPE. The ex vice-président is still conviced about the benefits of the "holy capitalism" that rules and pollutes the whole world. USA are using energy and world ressources 8 to 10 times more than they should do. So watch your fucking country and do something instead of travelling around and bullshiting...

Let's go back to our program, today my aim goal was to talk about a movie I really enjoyed, this is called Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind directed by Michel Gondry. He's second full lenght after Human Nature (2001). Michel Gondry is well known as a music video director for Bjork, White Stripes, Daft Punk, Beck and many more. The film stars Jim Carey and Kate Winslet are in fact former lovers, now separated after having spent two years together. Kate Winslet decided to erase all memories of her former relationship with Jim Carey.

Most of the movie takes place in Jim's mind struggling to preserve the souvenirs of his beloved. It also features Kirsten Dunst, Tom Wilkinson, Elijah Wood and Jane Adams.
The movie's title is taken from the poem " Eloisa to Abelard" by Alexander Pope which was the story of a tragic love affair.

That was my favorite 2004 movie. The soundrack has got a brillant cover from the Korgis "eveybody's got to learn sometimes " performed by Beck. ...Piano and voice ... Minimal and perfect:

Beck -Everybody 's got to learn sometimes

Sorry Folks, gotta take a loony break , back in few dayz!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Auklin's special delivery

It's cool to have one of your best friend living in the states, it allows you to order wax for a very good price on the bay and avoids to pay for an expensive shipment.....

Thanks to my man Auklin who brought to me vynils I was hunting for a while.

It was good to see you this summermate!

Yo! here's the Auklin's special mix:

Auklin's mix


De la Soul: U can do (life)
Eminem: Any man
Artifacts feat Busta Rhymes : C'mon wit da git down
Saukrates: P's and Q's
J-Live : Braggin' writes (Spinna remix)
Key Kool & Rhettmatic : Existentialism
Saukrates : Father time
Slick Rick feat Outkast: Street talkin'
De La soul feat Chaka Khan: All Good?
AZ feat Nas: Mo money, mo murder" homicide"

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Good times this summer !

Last summer I've hosted two big names of the pop-rock history, first was this guy:

After almost half a century in the music industry, Lou Reed is back on stage to play his misunderstood masterpiece Berlin, starring the love story of a couple of junkies Caroline and Jim.

Hosting a star like Lou reed is a kind of very stressful nightmare because you never know how he's gonna behave.

Any way he remains as one of the greatest musician and composer of the pop history. I leave you with Caroline says, a track from Berlin (1973) and Venus in furs taken from the self titled album of his first band the Velvet underground and Nico (1967). Two great songs!

Lou Reed - Caroline says

Velvet Underground -Venus in furs

An other big star in pop music came this summer,

Damon Albarn leader of Blur and Gorillaz came to present his new project called The Good The Bad and the Queen featuring ex-clash Paul Simonon and Fela Kuti's drummer Tony Allen.
I'm not a big fan of the album but the gigg was great! The single "Kingdom of doom" is definitly my favorite track of the album.

That very day was cool, production team and artists were glad to play here.

Grab it!:
The Good the Bad and the Queen - Kingdom of doom

Friday, 14 September 2007

Hip Hop culture #2

As far as I know "Paris Tonkar" was the first book relating the french graffiti scene. In 83 tags appear in Paris with crews like TCA, TCK and the famous PCP.

In 85, the BBC Crew (Jon, Ash2 and Jay) start to paint on walls @ Stalingrad. According to HH pionners like Dee Nasty (Zulu nation france) or Gabin Nuissier (Actuel Force) this is were all began.

In 86, the first subways and trains were burned and the painters start to be organised to avoid to be caught.

This book is definitly a "must have " for every graffiti fan, out of print for ages, you really got to catch it if you meet this "holy grail" in a second hand library. It features Bando, Azyle, Stem, Dea, Oeno, Nasty, Banga, Boxer, Jon, Ash2, Skki, Lokkiss, Mode 2, Darco and the FBI crew, Epson, Torpe, Numéro 6 and many more....

I've scanned my favorites pictures, and they speak louder than words....

I will also recomand the video "Dégradation volontaire" staring the train painters scene in Paris in the mid 90's, if you want it just send me an email, I 'll send you the Divx .

Leave you with this track to illustate this post:
Fabe -Ca fait partie de mon passé


Friday, 24 August 2007

Back in Business!

Back after 3 months of hard work in my festival.....
As I'm back with you guys, I need to find a rap banger to celebrate!

Let's go back in 97 with my favorite track of this long awaited LP from one of the best duo in the rap history. EPMD is an acronym for "Eric and Parrish making dollars". After their terrific album called "business never personal" released on Def Jam in 92, in which was introduced the Def Squad Family (Redman, K.Solo, Das Efx, Hurricane G), we had to wait 5 years for a new LP.

It's been worth to wait, probably my favorite album from this band from Brentwood, NYC. They were supposed to tour around Europe and make a stop closed to Lyon, France last spring but we're still waiting for them....Too bad!

Anyway, I'll leave you with "Ritcher scale" from my private Wax collec'. Please note that I'm selling the LP clean copy of "Back in Business", I'm talking about the DJ version on Def Jam, not the pic cover. Don't sleep cos' this is getting rare!

EPMD -Richter scale

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Most Wanted 12'

You got to listen to this track! Insane headbanger right here!!!

Mr D Original -Now you da man

I discovered that one on a JR Ewing mixtape, don't know that much about Mr D Original, don't even heard anything else from this emcee. The production on Now U da man is done by Solar and was released on Jihad Records in 95.

This track always appears in the 12' wantlist of the mid 90's nerds deejays I belong to and I never saw that wax for less than 25usd on the bay.

Anyway this is one of my fav indie track with the G-Dep "heads over wheels" and I'm still looking for it, as I never spend more than 15€ in a 12 inch I think I won't get it very soon.

Before I leave you out I just want to mention once again this crazy label which is called Jihad records, obscure indie label wich dropped crazy indy shits like "Language of the Drums" by Raw Division or "Whoses eyes" from Hollow Point.

Strong track? Na?

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Roots Manuva -UK warriors-

One of my favorite track from this english mc signed on Big Dada, the hip hop branch of Ninja Tune.
Everybody knows the banger "Witness", "Juggle tings proper", "motion 5000" or "Dreamy days". This track UK warriors only appears on the 2002 remix album Dub come save me and got definetly the best riddim he used so far.
Check it out:

I also remember driving to Geneva to see Roots Manuva gigg in l'Usine, we had great time exepted the multi bordrers controls and police checkings. Yo Arpe!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Zapp & Roger heritage

The band Zapp & Roger is peraphs best known for its huge electro-funk hit "More bounce to the ounce" co-produced by Bootsy Collins and covered by EPMD in the early 90s. This band also appears on the 2Pac hit "California love" produced by DrDre in 95.

Zapp & Roger released 3 albums between 80 and 83 called I, II & III. This groupbelongs with Evelyn Champagne King, Cameo, Midnight star or Shalamar to this "synth-funk" groups that really were on the hook between 1980 and 1983.

In France this "electro-funk" or "post pop disco" or whatever you call it remains as the favorite style of music for these kids who live in the public housing areas (also called banlieues in french or projects in american). These kids our new president (son of a bush, son of a bitch!) wants to eradicate. To these people electro funk from the early 80s is for music what Air Max shoes or the Lacoste polo-shirt is for clothing.....

I leave you with a song "93km/h" released last year, from Les Cautionneurs, a french rap band who probably grew up with the music I just talk about, this song is in my opinion a very good example of this Zapp heritage using vocals recored through a talk box fed by an electronic synthetiser:


Also from my private 7inch collection a track from 81 from Quincy Jones "Ai No Corrida" with this distinctive synthetised sound that characterizethe early 80's:



Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ali Farka Touré 1939-2006

An other great african musician, recently died. If you don't know his work you should start from the end of his career. Savane went out in 2006 just after his death and remains as a posthumous album.

I'll have the result of a french election in few minute and I can't help thinking about all the people from Mali in France who are getting in trouble with or without papers.....

I leave you with this track "Savane" from Ali Farka Touré which has the same name as the album, I think he speaks about the first time an african discovers our occidental culture.
Here it is....


Monday, 30 April 2007

Post Chaotik-Mix

I've done this mix few month ago, I use to mix "straight boom bap east coast" rap, I wanted to do something else different and show to all what is my vision of the dark side of the Hip Hop force.
Post-Kaotik tags made with my man Avide......

Here's the tracklist:

1-Mr Len feat Juggaknots “ This Morning”

2-Naptron “Style of madness”

3-Disflex 6 “sidewalk stomp”

4-MF Doom feat M.Sayyid “ Never Dead”

5-Antipop Consortium “ Rinseflow”

6-Sensational “Beats, rhymes & style”

7-Lightheaded “ Illuminate”

8-Quasimoto” Greenery”

9-Third Sight “hypothermia”

10- Company Flow “Population Control”

grab that shit right here:


I'm out peazzzzzzzzzz!

Friday, 27 April 2007

The creator has a masterplan

When you know that he was John Coltrane's latter day playing partner, you understand how a musician like Pharoah Sanders reaches such an intensive trance music at least at the very beginning of his career as soloist.
After 2 albums as tenor sax soloist, Sanders was signed by Impulse in the early 70's. This label which is in my opinion the geatest one in jazz ever (I'll make a post about it later on) really gave him a chance to express and show to the world that his music isn't stuck but perpetually in a kind of mystic research. He released 5 albums with this label before falling in an unexpected role of "disco hero"in the 80's.
As he said recently in a french jazz magazine "he loves every religion who speaks about a creator". Along his career he knew to surrond himself with great apostles like Roy Haynes, Billy Hart or Idris Muhammad on drums, Ron Carter, Cecil McBee or Stanley Clarke on doublebass, Leon Thomas as a singer, Woody Shaw on trumpet or Lonnie Liston Smith on piano.
With an incredible song like Hum Allah, I give you the opportunity to get closer to the Almighty:

Enjoy, 15min of meditation.....

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Did any of you ever talk about 2nd world war with your grandma'?
We got to avoid what happened in 2002.....

Punishyourself with a kind of resentful song:


Sunday, 15 April 2007

5 Guitars & lots of hapiness

Crazy show last night from these bluesmen from Mauritania, they brought their weird amplifiers on stage that make their sound so meditative.
We have to know that touareg are that kind of people living in a permanent exile with no borders in their life nor in their mind....
I'm just wondering if Tinariwen really wear their typical clothes back in their hood, or if it's just "folklore" to make it more real!
Who said Sting was the only guitar hero on the dunes?
Dig this:


If you enjoyed you got to know an other band from these same places Toumast, with their last full lenght, Ishumar (Kraked 2006)


I'm out, peace

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hip Hop culture #1

Breakin' is the first movie involving breakdancing as the main theme of the story. It's also known under the name Breakdance in England and Break Street 84 in France....
Back in 84, this movie directed by Joel Silby features performances from the 2 main actors/dancers Turbo & Ozone.
Breakin' actually involves more bodypoping, locking and smurf than breakdance (as we could see in Wild Style).
The story is about a young jazz dancer who meet up with 2 street dancers (Turbo & Ozone) and together they become the sensation of street crowd. Also features Ice T in his debut film as a club MC and Jean Claude VanDamme!!!!!
As you can see on the picture, clothes seem to come from an other galaxy: they're dancing in small pandex one piece, parachute pants, rolled and tight jeans, hypercolored T shirts which I found totaly crazy!
OK the plot is a bit contrived but who cares? OST and dancing are great and that's all matters.
You can check the website made by fans:


I leave you with this great tune from Rufus and Chakaa Kahn from the soundtrack


Monday, 26 March 2007

Ich bin ein berliner!

Where does electronic music come from?
Some of you heard Chicago others Detroit and others Germany, we can't denie that Kraftwerk was one of the first band only using machines and repetitive sequences to make this electro groove that we know. So germans were definitly the first ones to bring techno in Europe.
Let's make a jump of 30 years to present you this 12' released in 2004 by the berliner duo Modeselektor on B.Pitch control, this wax features 4 tracks including that very one "Turn deaf". In my opinion it's a perfect combination between straight techno and breakbeats.
This band released their Full Lenght "Hello Mum" in 2005, I would say that their influences are breakbeat, electro and ragga, which explains that as djs or live they're "gangbanging" dancefloors at every single show.
U can't miss it:


Thursday, 22 March 2007

Whut up homies!

What's the point with puting an other blogspot on the web?
It's my first try in any kind of e-expression. Not really into that shit usually. I prefer to share opinion with a smooth beer or a good spliff around a table. That's almost what I've been doing these past few years with my cats around the world.
Anyway I'm gonna try to show you how's my own culture is made of.
Hope you'll enjoy, Art & Opinion that's how it has to be!