Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Big Balls mix!

Check out this new fresh mix with some of the finest mcs of the US underground scene,
Only wax shit.

Tracklist right here,
1-Lone Catalysts "the pro's"
2-MF Doom "operation greenbacks"
3-Saukrates "the professional"
4-Cage " radiohead"
5-Cyne "paperchase"
6-Nastradoomus "one love"
7-Eminem "any man"
8-Arsonits "backdraft"
9-Defari "behold my life"
10-Mood swingaz "the blessin"

Ash.K -Big Balls mix

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Black Survivor vs Zombies

Night of the living dead -1968-

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, one of the most influential of the low-budget horror films to proliferate in the 70's, has a black actor... Duane Jones as its protagonist.
In the movie, Jones projects an urbane, upwardly mobile attitude in his idealized role as the resourceful black survivor. In eveyone of the Living Dead sequels a black character would play either the lead or a proiminent role. Back in the days, I guess that wasn't so common on screen.

Let's listen to a well orchestrated track from the same period (1968!) by the austrian pianist Roland Kovac. This is an obscure, jazzy and trippy suite (or soundtrack) called Power Start, released on the independent german jazz label MPS Records.
Roland Kovac - Powerstart

Friday, 13 November 2009

Antipop Consortium -Apparently

What'up folks... such a long time... I've been so busy these last 5 months, working for lot of festival in my hometown Lyon.
So here I am, back with you lads for a couple of weeks because I plan to travel to China from december to february.

By the way I'm also back in gigs venues as a spectator. A couple of days ago I've seen a great show from Antipop Consortium, a major band of the independent Hip Hop scene from the beginning of the 00's.
Listening to their last LP (after a 7 years wait!) might leave you peplexed but this is definetly a band that you have to catch live. They're more rapping than the last time I saw them all together, and they're rocking up the crowd as they always used to.
M.Sayid got now 2 mics to do this reverb effect that is very present on Fluorescent black...Solid emcees (Sayid, Beans and High Priest) who are also great beatmakers are accompanied by Earlbalze behind his turntables, engeniering sound and making beats...
Check the track "apparently" from APC, from their last full lenght Fluorescent black signed on the brittish label Big Dada.

I hope to be on the web very soon with new mixes, great wax I bought this summer and some more nice stuff coming.