Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Most Wanted 12'

You got to listen to this track! Insane headbanger right here!!!

Mr D Original -Now you da man

I discovered that one on a JR Ewing mixtape, don't know that much about Mr D Original, don't even heard anything else from this emcee. The production on Now U da man is done by Solar and was released on Jihad Records in 95.

This track always appears in the 12' wantlist of the mid 90's nerds deejays I belong to and I never saw that wax for less than 25usd on the bay.

Anyway this is one of my fav indie track with the G-Dep "heads over wheels" and I'm still looking for it, as I never spend more than 15€ in a 12 inch I think I won't get it very soon.

Before I leave you out I just want to mention once again this crazy label which is called Jihad records, obscure indie label wich dropped crazy indy shits like "Language of the Drums" by Raw Division or "Whoses eyes" from Hollow Point.

Strong track? Na?

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Roots Manuva -UK warriors-

One of my favorite track from this english mc signed on Big Dada, the hip hop branch of Ninja Tune.
Everybody knows the banger "Witness", "Juggle tings proper", "motion 5000" or "Dreamy days". This track UK warriors only appears on the 2002 remix album Dub come save me and got definetly the best riddim he used so far.
Check it out:

I also remember driving to Geneva to see Roots Manuva gigg in l'Usine, we had great time exepted the multi bordrers controls and police checkings. Yo Arpe!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Zapp & Roger heritage

The band Zapp & Roger is peraphs best known for its huge electro-funk hit "More bounce to the ounce" co-produced by Bootsy Collins and covered by EPMD in the early 90s. This band also appears on the 2Pac hit "California love" produced by DrDre in 95.

Zapp & Roger released 3 albums between 80 and 83 called I, II & III. This groupbelongs with Evelyn Champagne King, Cameo, Midnight star or Shalamar to this "synth-funk" groups that really were on the hook between 1980 and 1983.

In France this "electro-funk" or "post pop disco" or whatever you call it remains as the favorite style of music for these kids who live in the public housing areas (also called banlieues in french or projects in american). These kids our new president (son of a bush, son of a bitch!) wants to eradicate. To these people electro funk from the early 80s is for music what Air Max shoes or the Lacoste polo-shirt is for clothing.....

I leave you with a song "93km/h" released last year, from Les Cautionneurs, a french rap band who probably grew up with the music I just talk about, this song is in my opinion a very good example of this Zapp heritage using vocals recored through a talk box fed by an electronic synthetiser:


Also from my private 7inch collection a track from 81 from Quincy Jones "Ai No Corrida" with this distinctive synthetised sound that characterizethe early 80's:



Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ali Farka Touré 1939-2006

An other great african musician, recently died. If you don't know his work you should start from the end of his career. Savane went out in 2006 just after his death and remains as a posthumous album.

I'll have the result of a french election in few minute and I can't help thinking about all the people from Mali in France who are getting in trouble with or without papers.....

I leave you with this track "Savane" from Ali Farka Touré which has the same name as the album, I think he speaks about the first time an african discovers our occidental culture.
Here it is....