Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The amazing Gabin in Brazil #2

Trancoso - BA

Copacabana - RJ

Rio - RJ, Jardim Botanico

Paraty - SP looks like fed up by something....

Rio - RJ early in the morning

Salvador - BA Diggin in the crates

Pontal de Coruripe -AL enjoying the ocean

This one appears on Patrick Forge's compilation called Brazilian Funk Experience. Heavy brazilian-funk breaks right here!
Embalo Diferente - Os devaneios

Monday, 22 December 2008

Brazilian places

We're back in Sao Paulo, with a good internet conection which allow to show you some places we''ve been during this trip.

Check it out: Paraty, SP
Tiradentes, MG

Ouro Preto, MG

Trancoso, BA

Salvador, BA

Penedo, AL

Pontal de Coruripe, AL

Elizeth Cardoso

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Ilha Grande - RJ

As a good internet addict, even in the deepest brazilian beaches....

Joao Gilberto-Desafinado


Thursday, 11 December 2008


We're in Rio Baby!

A great artist to illustrate this, brazilian producer (born in Rio) Amon Tobin from his classic and 2nd LP "permutation" with the track "reanimator". I remember seen him live in my hometown for the Riddim Collision festival, one of the best gigg I've seen so far...
Amon Tobin - Reanimator

Friday, 5 December 2008

Barra Grande - Bahia


Praia, Caipirinha & Bossa Nova....

Joao Donato - Amazonas

Thursday, 27 November 2008



Focus on Limpo, grafitti artist from Salvador-BA, Brazil.

More brazilian graffiti to come. Tchao!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The amazing Gabin in Brazil

Few pics of Gabin,
Barreiro - AL with Camila

Tamandare - AL

Chillin with mum in Olinda-PE

Olinda - PE

Sao Paulo - SP

Elza Soares- Boato

More to come soon,

Friday, 7 November 2008

Sao Paulo

Greetings all,
We launded under a grey sky, in a grey city which seems to be "INACREDITAVEL"*
* incredible

These pictures were taken from Henrique's flat.

Watching these melancolic and grey buildings, I can't help thinking about Nick Cave who used live in SP @ the late 80's.

Nick Cave - Wonderful Life

More to come soon!

Monday, 20 October 2008


You asked for indy rap?
Maspyke is composed of 2 Mcs Tableek & Hanif and a DJ/Beatmaker Roddy Rob that also belongs to the Low Budget Crew (with Kev Brown, Odyssee and Kenn Starr).

After non significant success with the label Elektra in the mid 90's, they decided to create their own label called Bukarance on which they released two 12's and a EP.

They've also recorded stuff on Rawkus, Om records, Groove attack, Jazzy sport and released their last Lp (static) on the west coast indie label ABB.

The tracks I've selected appear on their 4 first recording on wax, hope you'll enjoy.

54th regiment (7heads-rawkus) 2001
The played list (Om) 2001
Get lifted (Bukarance) 2000
far east politics (Bukarance) 2000

Ash.K presents Maspyke

Props to Maspyke, always rockin' vynils!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thawfor - Where thawght is worshiped 2.2

Thawfor is one of the pioneers of the Chicago Hip Hop underground scene. This gem was released in 2000 on the indie label Ozone music. On this track we got very special guest as Mike Ladd, Slug and Rob Sonic. Thawfor (which stands for "Thawghts" and "Forever") used to produce beats but also writes lyrics, sings and plays plenty of instruments. Go on his web site to check his current work.

This 12' isn't rare but it's very good!

Thawfor - Where thawght is worshiped 2.2 feat Slug (Atmosphere), Rob Sonic (Sonic Sum) & Mike Ladd

Thursday, 25 September 2008

More Thiam - Ayo ayo nene

Andrew Symington

A very nice compilation I recently heard called Spiritual Jazz. The english label Jazzman re-discovered hidden, obscure and esoteric jazz musicians who are mostly ignored or unknown by music fans and critics alike.

Here's my favorite track of the LP, a minimal jazz tune that tastes africa by the senegalese djembe player Mor Thiam.

Mor Thiam - Ayo ayo nene

Most of the songs on this LP are really great so don't sleep on it!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Been waiting for B,S & L?

Greetings all,

Glad to be back here after 3 months of hard work for my festival.
I 've had a very nice summer.... very busy too: REM, Leonrad Cohen, Massive Attack, Damon Albarn and his Honest Jons crew and more than 40 bands and companies came around. So I didn't find the time to watch what did go around me.

After a quick look on real life, I guess I can try to summerize it quickly:

Firstly, some very bad news:
In the beginning of the summer, disappeared the very talented pianist Esbjorn Svensson. I've post something about him few month before he died on this blog. I feel very sad because i host him a couple of time and as far as I remember he was such an unaffeceted guy (which is getting rare in jazz music!). In my opinion he brought back the so called "jazz trio" in vogue.

An other colosus of music recently passed away.... bold skull, golden chains, leopard skin coat and voice of a baritone.... We'll miss the Black Moses Isaac Hayes.
RIP to these 2 great artists.

What else?
On the sport and entertainement scene, we sold the young prodigy Hatem Ben Harfa to a team I really hate : Marseille.

Did any of you watch the france during the Euro 2008 in Switzerland? Hope not!

For the very first time, in the same ring @ the same time at Summerslam 08'.
Batista vs Cena!

I have not had time to read any book so I'm still on my "train ride" neither to go to cinema, I've been told the new Batman was any good.

well these few words to say that I was still alive and back on this blog for more mixes, Hip Hop 12', music and comments so stay tuned!

And as I'm in holidays right now let's listen a very nice funky track from the beginning of the 80's from Karin Jones taken from her LP under the influence of love.

Karin Jones - Here I go again


Saturday, 24 May 2008

US indie Hip Hop mix on RCT 18-05-08

Last sunday's mix on or 99.3 FM.

As usual it's underground US HH,
As usual that's a "one shot" mix,
As usual this is only wax shit,
As usual you can download it for free!

Ash.K -mix 18-05 RCT

1-Dynamic Syncopation feat Yesh –The essence

2-Skitzofreniks “Slow it down”

3-Atmosphere “Threemosphere”

4-Mr Complex “Rhapsody”

5-Timbuktu feat Jayson & Promoe “Naked lunch”

6-Souls of Mischiefs “spark”

7-Hieroglyphics “After dark”

8-Fondle ‘Em Fossils “last 12”

9-Black Attack “Correct technique”

10-Dilated People ”Work the angles”

next one shot mix next sunday 23:00-23:30 - Peazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Moussa Doumbia - Keleya

Guediawaye-Dakar-Sénégal 2003

What's up's been a while!
Very busy these last weeks and it's gonna be worst and worst.

Just wanted to talk about a great african saxophonist from Mali called Moussa Doumbia. In some ways he's the inventor of a very particular kind of afro-beat which draws as much in american funk as in traditionnal malian music.

In the 80's Moussa came to live in France where he played a lot @ la boule noire in Paris and worked at the same time as a record dealer....He died in the most absolute anonymity....

Last year the californian label Stones Throw had the great idea to publish a compilation called World Psychedelic 3 - the funky fuzzy sounds of West Africa in which the track keleya by Moussa Doubia appears.

Here's the one.

Picture above taken by myself, it's a place I've been living for 3 month when I worked for the Banlieue Rythme Festival in Guediawaye, Senegal in 2003.

I'll be on the radio show, 99.3 FM next sunday, it's getting rare so don't miss it.


Friday, 18 April 2008

New York State of Mind

Konstantino Hatzisamos

Here's the tracklist of last sunday's mix dedicated to NYC's greatest MCs.

1-Nas ”New York state of mind”

2-Channel Live “ Reprogramm (Buckwild remix)

3-Capone & Noreaga “T.O.N.Y

4-Da Youngsta’s feat Prodigy “ Blooshed and war ”

5-Mobb Deep ”survival of the fittest

6-Black Moon feat Heltah Skeltah “Warzone”

7-Crooklyn dodgers “ return of the”

8-Artifacts ” Wrong side of the tracks”

9-Street Smartz feat OC & Paroah Monch “Metal Thangz”

10- Jeru the Damadja ” D.original

Cope a copy of this insane mix over here.
Ash.K -NY state of mind

Big up to my man Icare who is now hosting my mixes every sunday night!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Blue Note in da place

No need to introduce this great label, maybe the most productive in this last 70 years. I did not listen to the whole catalog but I will recommand the 51 to 67 period which corresponds to the so called "Hard Bop" golden age.

Here are two tracks from what I consider as the 2 best album released on the label:

First one by trumpetist Lee Morgan feat Joe Henderson (ts), Barry Harris (p), Billy Higgins (d), Bob Cranshaw (b).
The Sidewinder was released in 1963.
Second one is the 4th album on Blue Note by M. Herbie Hancock featuring Freddie Hubbard (t), George Coleman (ts), Ron Carter (b) Anthony Williams (d).
That very one was released in 64.

Jazz @ its best on psartek's blogspot!