Monday, 20 October 2008


You asked for indy rap?
Maspyke is composed of 2 Mcs Tableek & Hanif and a DJ/Beatmaker Roddy Rob that also belongs to the Low Budget Crew (with Kev Brown, Odyssee and Kenn Starr).

After non significant success with the label Elektra in the mid 90's, they decided to create their own label called Bukarance on which they released two 12's and a EP.

They've also recorded stuff on Rawkus, Om records, Groove attack, Jazzy sport and released their last Lp (static) on the west coast indie label ABB.

The tracks I've selected appear on their 4 first recording on wax, hope you'll enjoy.

54th regiment (7heads-rawkus) 2001
The played list (Om) 2001
Get lifted (Bukarance) 2000
far east politics (Bukarance) 2000

Ash.K presents Maspyke

Props to Maspyke, always rockin' vynils!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Thawfor - Where thawght is worshiped 2.2

Thawfor is one of the pioneers of the Chicago Hip Hop underground scene. This gem was released in 2000 on the indie label Ozone music. On this track we got very special guest as Mike Ladd, Slug and Rob Sonic. Thawfor (which stands for "Thawghts" and "Forever") used to produce beats but also writes lyrics, sings and plays plenty of instruments. Go on his web site to check his current work.

This 12' isn't rare but it's very good!

Thawfor - Where thawght is worshiped 2.2 feat Slug (Atmosphere), Rob Sonic (Sonic Sum) & Mike Ladd